Big Screen Batgirl!

 Reports began to surface that Joss Whedon was heading over to the DCEU to bring one of the most fan appreciated characters to life. Barbara Gordon is a recognizable name to anyone who has been surrounded by Batman lore. She has and will always be a pivotal character within the universe. Whedon has the creative drive to give the film a little bit of sugar and spice to create a truly dynamic film.

 One of the biggest questions is who will be the actress tasked with bringing “The Oracle” to life. Here are five choicea of dream castings that I would love to see.

5. Bryce Dallas Howard- Proven to be a talented actress and backed by the name, Dallas Howard crushed it in Jurassic World and this could be a huge opportunity for her to focus that talent and become a part of something much bigger and bring to life one of the most important characters in 30 years to Batman and fans.

4. Jessica Chastain- She continues to choose controversial scripts and really has yet to show there is nothing she cannot handle.  Given Whedons track record as a consumate professional and Chastains ability thus far to stay low key and always deliver this could very well be the low key yet highly praised casting the producers are looking for.

3. Alexandra Breckenridge- She has recently shown up on This is Us and Walking Dead and has shown why she has a bright future. This would be a huge opportunity for a young actress to hold down her own franchise for the next 7-10 years and she could easily be the face of that franchise for many years. Many people may challenge my choice to include her but sometimes straying away from the obvious choices makes the casting game way more intriguing. 

2. Dakota Fanning-  Young and extremely talented. Shameful in a sense that the last big movie we saw her in was Breaking Dawn. It would be a nice return for her to be a in a film that fans are looking forward too. Of course no film comes without some skepticism and casting rumours. I just believe Fanning is a young actress capable of leading a franchise given the right leader to flourish under.

1. Emma Watson- There has been a lot of talk about another Emma possibily being the number one suitor for the role but Emma Watson is in need of new franchise. Having watched her grow up while taking on one of the most adored series of all time Emma Watson proved she is willing to commit to something and see it through. Since Harry Potter ended she has done phenomenal things as a person and continued to act in very engaging and fun roles for a young actress. It would be amazing to see a person of Emma’s calibre work with a creative mind like Joss Whedon to create a strong and independent female prescense on the big screen. 

Whoever does inevitably get cast has some amazing source material to base their performance off and this definitely looks like the beginning of big things for the DCEU. With Wonder Woman and Justice League coming out later this year taking the time to get this right with Batgirl is a big must for the Executives over at DC. Whoever inevitably gets the part has a lot of preparation and source material to sift through and analyze. I am ready DCEU. This is your chance to wow me. So please do.