Swinging Home!

Homecoming is always usually bittersweet and filled with heavy emotions. Marvel finally gave long time fans a chance to see and feel the emotions they always deserved by brining a beloved character home where he always belonged.

We finally have the answers to all the burning questions. How will Spider-Man fair in the MCU? The answer is he will be just fine. The reason he will be just fine is thanks to Tom Holland. Holland is the definitive Peter Parker we needed for the next generation. Tobey who? Andrew what? Sorry guys, move on down the road because Tom Holland is here and it is not going anywhere for a while.

Homecoming was such a fun film for many different reasons. It was funny, charming, filled with action and had an amazing cast who all played their part extremely well. It is of course always a pleasure to see Robert Downey JR as Tony Stark in whatever capacity they want to provide him. It ws however Michael Keatons villainous Vulture that kept the film interesting. It was refreshing for the MCU to give us a villain that had never been done before and then go out and cast a big time actor who made it all worth the while. Keaton definitely becomes more chilling as the film goes on and there is a particular scene near the end of the film where he shares a one on one with Tom Holland with no superpowers or gadgets involved and it was the heaviest scene in the movie. There some fun characters included in this film including Aaron Davis aka The Prowler who happens to be the Uncle of one Miles Morales. Maybe one day Miles (One of my personal faves in the Spider-Man universe) will make his way to the big screen.

Bringing Spider-Man back to Marvel was a complete necessity and one that should result in an amazing series now that we have a general idea of where the story may be heading. This is a series that needs to grow darker in tone as it progresses. The need to have a fun light film to begin the franchise is understood but there is abosolutely no way the future films can carry the same tone and tell some of the grittier Spider-Man stories involving villains like Venom and Carnage or even the hinted at villain during the mid credit scene. There are a few villains that definitely could shake up the comfortable home life of Peter Parker depending on what route they take. I have always been an advocate for a darker tone within the MCU. Civil War tried it nicely and hopefully it becomes something worth investing in. Spider-Man is a character that has been loved since way before my childhood, he just happened to be rejuvenated in a time that I could learn to love him as a new generation. The adults who have loved Spider-Man for 20, 30 or more years definitely want to see Holland express the darker side of Parker as things progress and I think they deserve just that.

Now that Spider-Man is home there are limitless possibilities of who can appear and what story lines can be done. Maximum Carnage is one in particular that would be of interest to me. A major hint was dropped about who could the major villain for the next film and Holland himself has expressed that he does not want a repetition of the same villains that have been done before in previous Spidey films. Please Marvel listen to Holland and dont rehash Green Goblin for a third time. It is just not necessary.

This is the first great film of 2017 and I am entirely thankful for that. This is the Spider-Man movie that we all wanted and Marvel has definitely set themselves up well for Spider-Man to have a major part of their universe for years to come.


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