Patriots Day Review

Moments that define a painful point of time through out history usually become the next big screen movie with an American hero at the center. Mark Wahlberg is slowly becoming that man. Patriots Day is so far the best film where Wahlberg is starring in a film which has a core American moment at its center.

It’s not the type of film that shocks you. It’s not the type of film where what happens is full of plot twists and mind tricks. It is a film purely designed to make you feel things. It makes you think about the pain, shock and terror that the people of Boston felt while these two men were on the streets. Beyond how you feel about politics, Hollywood, actors and all of the media hoopla this film really displayed the tension and fear in a manner that made you feel like there has to be a way to end all this violence.

There has been violence and mass panic spread out in this world in alll locations way too much since I have started blogging. There are stories we don’t get to see about how much violence is a big part of certain parts of the world. This was the American perspective told through a medium that Americans love to pass their time engaging in. I’m taking a step back from looking at from a film perspective and looking at it from the perspective of a human being who wishes violence would end. I am sure we all wish this but as we have all laid witness to violence is all to close to home sometimes. The people of Boston felt this, the people of Brussels, Paris, Orlando and Aleppo have all also felt this pain and fear. I am not sure where the wheels fell off of Society and killing became something that we have become numb too. Violence is something we need to work on ending as a society and should never be something that we anticipate or wait for.

Films, television, books and music remind of us of the pain and they can also shed new light on a situation we may have known little about. However it is hard to spread a message with film that resonates world wide as already myself just by reading reviews of this film people even have a negative response to a film that has too much American heroism as the foundation. There are always going to be moments in time when nations come together and unify and usually it is after a moment like what happened in New York in 2001, Boston in 2013 and even now Orlando in 2016. American patrotism despite how you feel about the current state of politics in their country is a huge rallying point. The cities of Boston and New York banded together after moments of tragedy and showed the world how strong you can be together. All I am saying is that we need more of this but not just in moments of violence.

Peter Bergs film made us look at a moment in time and realize there was a lot going on during the near 100 hours it took to catch these two. The film had incredible pacing, character development and of course the acting was amazing. Wahlberg is the films top bill of course but it is the likes of JK Simmons, Kevin Bacon, John Goodman, Michael Beech and others that helped solidify this as more than just another film about America. What definitely made me feel the most and elevate this film above Bergs other American heroism films is the element of humour that was present. It made the film feel entirely more real and it made everything have that much more impact as a visual story.

One of the best scenes in the movie is the opening scene because it sets the tone for the entire fim and allows you to immediately connect with Tommy Saunders and Ed Davis as characters and integral parts of the film. The rest of the cast followed suit their own scenes of introduction and thus began a weaving narrative of how 100 hours changed everyones lives through out the city.

Patriots Day is most definitely a film worth seeing on the big screen. The films powerful message about love and unity is enough to give just about anyone the chills. A fine film. 


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