With the new year comes all the talk of what will be the next big thing in Cinema and what date we can expect it by. I get just as excited as everyone about what the 365 calendar days in 2017 can bring from the world of cinema. I am doing a top 10 most anticipated flicks list and then at the end of 2017 we will see how many of those made the list and how much the list changed.

10. King Arthur (May 12 release date)- Charlie Hunnam is due for a cinematic break through now that SoA is over. The dude has serious chops and this is his vehicle and his big chance. It would be nice to see him do it and gets the number 10 spot because I firmly believe Hunnam is a more than capable lead and this will no doubt prove it to anyone currently questioning it.

9. Pitch Perfect 3 (December 25th release date)- Yes I like Pitch Perfect one and two. The reason why is the cast is insanely talented and the movies are just straight up fun and easy to watch. This is probably setting up to become the final film in the franchise and with that comes closure to funny and dynamic characters. I see no issues with thia being a good film come December.

8. Murder on the Orient Express ( November 22nd release date) – A remake of the 1974 film of the same name, this film has a cast that looks phenomenal on paper and one can really only hope that translates well on the big screen. The star power involved includes Johnny Depp, Dame Judi Dench, Kenneth Branagh and Daisy Ridley. Factor in a good murder mystery plot line and this movie cannot find a way to derail (pun intented)

7. The Space Between Us ( February 3rd)- This should be the valentines day date movie, please dont spend your money on the piece of steaming garbage that will be 50 Shades Darker. That film has no plot and is only considered erotic because the male protagonist owns his company and lives in a penthouse. That being said Gary Oldman is in this movie and it has an interesting central premise about finding love and inner peace despite being born on another planet? Thoughtful and poetic right? Dont waste your money on a movie about meaningless sex and pick a movie with an actual plot.


6. Star Wars: Episode V III (December 15th release date) Rogue One was a great film as was the Force Awakens when it came out. We all crave more Star Wars but this comes with a heavy heart due to the passing of Carrie Fisher. It is going to be another fine entry into the saga and Carrie Fisher is probably going to be a large part of this film. It no doubt changes the future of Star Wars and leaves us feeling heart broken and lost. Star Wars still has a lot of questions the fans want answers to and this film is sure to raise and probably many more.

5.Patriots Day (January 13th release date)- Mark Wahlberg is the new big moment big movie guy. He is taking on movies with an epicentre grounded in American tragedy and based on American heroism. So far it has been successful for Wahlberg and this film also has Kevin Bacon and John Goodman as supporting cast and that peaks my interest. 

4. Spider-Man: Homecoming (July 7th release date)- It is the third time in 15 years we are going to be seeing a new Spidey on the big screen but it is the first time he will be apart of the MCU and makes it all the more delightful as a fan of Spiderman. Of course the cast list looks good on paper but so did the cast of Batman Vs Superman and look how big of a mess that became. This film still carries high hopes for me as 2017 is just beginning and I guess we should never judge a book by its cover and we should never let the past change the way we look at future entries into film series.

3. Wonder Woman (June 2nd release date)- DC has a big year ahead of them as well and this is going to head that for them. Gal Gadot was impressive in BVS, one of the films only delights and she has proven she is going to be a strong female lead actress and what better way to give her confidence than to cast her as the most iconic female character of all time. Suicide Squad was the best release yet for DC on screen and Wonder Woman should continue that upward trend for them as well.

2. Live by Night (January 13th release date)- Ben Affleck writing directing and starring in an adaptation of one of my favorite novels of the last decade. This movie has absolute high expectations. I want liquor, guns, drugs, shootouts and for the adapatation to follow the book closely. If there is one person out there who can handle this kind of film it most definitely is Ben Affleck.

1. Dunkirk (July 21st release date)- Christopher Nolan has proven over and over that he holds the title of Hollywoods most ambitious film maker and that should serve him well here. Based on a true story of a rescue that seemed all but impossible because the Germans had allie forces surrounded and cut off; Nolan has chosen to rely on some the regulars from his past films to help bring this amazing true story to the big screen. Nolan films usually do not make me worry at all about how good they will be and this one seems poised to be one of his best yet. 


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