Two worlds, Two comic book origins. Two very different paths taken.

Every show has to face at some point what their eventual endgame is going to become. From a writers stand point this should be something you already know right from day one. The conclusion is the most important of a three act story. It is understandable that basic premise of story telling becomes a little more difficult when dealing with a tv show as the three act story is done over the course of 22 episodes and not in 2 hours. However finales and final seasons matter in TV. A show that actually gets to end properly is a blessing as many shows are one season and done or are cancelled half way through season 3 when cancellation is announced. If a show says next season is final season and has 22 episodes to wrap up all the burning questions we all enjoy that. We all get behind that and go on one last emotional rollercoaster with our beloved characters. 

Sons of Anarchy did it. The Wire did it. Breaking Bad did it. Game Of Thrones has done it. Walking Dead it is time you did it too. Gotham, I think you should too. That is not to say anything bad about the production values of the show, the merchandising money, the network income or anything financially. This is coming from someone who just loves story. Figure out your end games please. Know that now is the time to go out and end huge. Announce even two more seasons each. Walking Dead ends at 9 and Gotham at 5. That leaves you 2 and a half seasons to figure out what you want to say and the stories you want to tell. 

Walking Dead would benefit the most from doing this. Let the comic book continue beyond the show. It started first, let it continue beyond the show. The show since season 4 has been on a steady decline in quality from a writers perspective. It has become a mess of people talking up the hype and the show simply just not delivering. I’m not one immersed in the hype of needing the show explained afterword or needing to have the cast talk about how the back half is unlike the rest of the series up to this point.

Yes viewership has declined throught out the first half of season 7 but the pacing was much different and actually allowed for character growth in some of the characters who have previously been seen as minor characters. Negans new world has brought feelings forth in all of the characters and it is good to see the writers show how that affects everyone and not just Rick, Daryl, Michonne and Maggie. It was good to see Aaron tag a long with Rick, it was good to see Father Gabriel thinking quickly on his feet and helping the group. It has been most impressive to see the charge toward all out war lead by Rosita who is a strong female presence in the comic series but has been almost forgotten in the show. It has been nice to see Christian Serratos explore her range a bit more as an actress. She is just as talented as the other actresses currently staffed by the Walking Dead and it is good to see them use her for a story arc and not just have her be another pretty face in the background. 

These are all reasons why Walking Dead needs to think about the end game. We now have a core set of characters who are heading towards the biggest fight of their lives. It is now or never in terms of survival and fighting so it should be all out go for broke with story telling. Throw all the emotion you can at us in the next two and a half seasons and end with phenomenal story telling that brings the show back to being one of the greats. Please writers and producers dont let the show become just another popular show that is all about the merchandise and not about story. We have been down this road before with both film and television studios that are willing to sacrifice quality for quantity which ensures profit longer.

Gotham needs to think of an end game because frankly it is creating a scenario in which Bruce Wayne will be a thirty year old Batman fighting villains that are in a nursing home. Gotham is not a show that needs the presence of Bruce Wayne in order to be successful and to tell a great story. It needs to be the story of Gothams rise to the seedy underworld that needs Batman’s light in the sky as a means to holding onto hope in a world that keeps growing darker and darker.

Gotham has plenty of potential story lines that it can explore but the longer Bruce continues to be a part of it the more Batman seems to grow less and less important for the end of the series. Jerome is slated to come back, announce a season 4 and 5 renewal. Have season 4 focus on a young Harleen Quinzel meeting the clown prince of crime but dont have that interact with the main story until the final season when Joker and Harley are the main villains and we see another go around with some of our favorite villains through out the series. 

We have all been told that the final image of Gotham will be some reference to Batman so we know that is inevitable final moments and a show like Gotham cannot sustain itself more than 5 seasons with the current narrative. Gotham has never really had much of a growing fanbase. It has kinda staggered a long at roughly 3.50 million per episode. That is decent numbers for Fox but not great numbers overall compared to shows like Empire, This is Us, NCIS and others.  Gotham does not have the numbers on its side every year when it comes to renewal and I am afraid one of these years Fox execs will merely just pull the plug on a show that they consider no one to be watching anyway. Gotham has never quite enjoyed the numbers Walking Dead has had over the years.

That being said no show has really grown from season to season the way the Walking Dead has. Were the producers and writers never fearful of this moment that people and fans obviously stopped caring about the show and ditch it. The season premiere had just over 17 million and seven episodes later episode 8 the mid season finale had 10.6 million viewers.  A lot of shows are happy averaging the numbers Walking Dead just lost but there must be someone over at AMC who has watched both the Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead struggle with numbers lately.

Let me just be straight for a minute more so regarding Walking Dead. I keep hearing these rumours the show will run forever, they have enough character progression for Rick to last 6 or 7 more seasons. The simple answer I can give right now is that if the show goes beyond season 10 I dont think my viewership will go with it. Yes I am just 1 person in huge fanbase of the show but clearly I am not the only one starting to feel that way about where the show is heading. The show simply does not have 6 seasons left in the creative writing aspect. The show cannot just have big bad after big bad for 6 more years. Walking Dead here me now. I am giving you the chance to figure out what show you want to be, what legacy you want to leave on the landscape of television. I am also warning you now that you have three seasons to figure it out because beyond that I cant take the predictable deaths of fan favorite characters and the non important deaths of side characters who finally get screen time just to die at the end of that episode. 

Shows must face their own inevitable ending but sometimes the hardest thing for a fan to do is give up on a show or shows that just cannot seem to admit that it is time to go which is looking to be the eventual thing I will have to do with Walking Dead a show that I would once not leave my house the next day for until I had seen the new episode. Please Walking Dead dont go down this road. There is still time to end on a high note. 


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