This is Us has staying power

NBC has a bonafide hit on their hands with This is Us. It has been a long time coming that NBC finally has a show on their hands that is worth keeping that continues to be more and more relatable as it goes on. 

Despite the slip in viewers up against the world series, This is Us has shown growth and tremendous viewership numbers so far during the rookie run. There are many things that could contribute to the shows success. One of the earliest reasons was the sibling dynamic. It made sense to make a series about three people who entered the world on the same day. This is Us is grounded in a complete realism that very few shows have these days. Most shows feel the need to be over the top comedically or packed with action. Very few shows understand the concept of capitalizing on emotional moments as a key to driving story forward. 

This is Us moves the story forward by having majority of the story set in present day and a key piece of the puzzle set in the past. On the acting front it is lead by Sterling K. Brown as Randall and Mandy Moore as Rebecca. The flash back sequences are engaging because it has an impact on the modern day story as things are revealed during the climax of the episode. 

This is Us relies heavily on themes to help carry out its story line. All the way from racism, addiction, adoption, depression and acceptance of ones true self. Each story perfectly weaves in out of various themes and is done so with characters that are very relatable. We have all struggled with feelings. We all have feelings. This is Us does a good job of allowing us to relate characters to our own experiences and hardships. 

So far in 6 very impressive episodes This is Us has been a beautiful narrative and has all the makings of a long standing critically acclaimed drama. One of the things most new shows struggle with is how to build a long standing story, This is Us has already planted many story lines for this season and beyond. It is looking more and more like This is Us should be planning for the latter because it will most likely score a second season. 


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