Pitch is a grand slam! A drama worthy of praise.

Every year there are a few shows that hover around the cancellation bubble right off the start. Pitch did not debut to strong numbers but there are many solid reasons why it should stick around. Here are the top 5 reasons I want to see Pitch not only last this season but for many to come.

5- Content- Pitch easily has the most controversial story of any of the new shows. Could we ever see this happen in real life? Ginny Baker may be a fictious character but she could prove to be a role model none the less to many young girls who saw certain things as impossible.

4-Presentation- Every episode looks and feels like a sports broadcast show and that is a unique experience that not even Friday Night Lights gave us. It feels like we are watching Ginny’s highlights the morning after or the day of. It makes it feel less like a show and more like a game that we have a lot invested in. It makes the stakes feel that much more tension filled. 

3-Current Line-Up on Fox- The network has very little that actually has substance when it comes to story. It hails the comedy duo of New Girl and Brooklyn Nine Nine and in the way of drama it really only has Gotham and Rosewood. Not really much to brag about or contend with. Pitch has not outperformed them significantly numbers wise but it sure has in every other way. Of course Empire stands above the rest on Fox ratings wise but beyond Empire, Pitch is probably the best drama they have. 

2-Cast- Praise has been given to Kylie Bunbury on all occasions that have been possible since the premiere but the rest of the cast is just as important to the narrative. Mark-Paul Gosselaar is essentially the male lead and he is great. Mo McRae, Ali Larter and Mark Consuelos help round out the cast of characters that seem to have Ginny’s back from day one. There is a lot of potential with all these characters moving forward. It is Gosselaar who has the most potential moving forward as his character is clearly in the Twilight of his career and that could be fun to watch the actor perform as he tries his best to push his body to the max.

1. Critical Acclaim- We all know viewership is important to any new show but we also know that critical success can also ensure more seasons. Look at Hannibal on NBC and Halt and Catch Fire on AMC as examples of shows that struggled through out their run to attract larger audiences. Pitch has that buzz about it, the first season certifaibly fresh at 93 per cent on Rotten Tomatoes. Pitch should be the show that runs for at least 5 years out of this seasons crop of rookies. The storylines so far have been knockouts and I expect that Pitch will aim for the grand slam before seasons end. It will most likely pull a cliffhanger ending in hopes to gain a second season. I guess only time will only tell for Pitch. Lets hope we can get a complete game out of this drama. So far we are on the right track. 


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