The Tragically Hip: True Canadian Rock Icons

The Tragically Hip mean a lot to so many Canadians. Their songs have made a difference in the lives of so many and have inspired so many people to go out and live their dreams. It is the end of an era and many Canadians are left heartbroken as the band plays their final tune.

The Hip are so in tune with Canadians and what drives are patriotism as a nation together. We all have some memory where a Hip song plays in the back ground. We all have that one line from a Hip song that hits home because we share this beautiful nation with these talented folks.

Canada is a diverse nation and always has been. There are two things that unify us. Olympic Hockey and The Tragically Hip. On August 20th 2016 all of Canada came together, sang together, remembered together and cried together. We share this moment because we have all spent our lives enjoying the unique sound as it poured out of our radios on long road trips. We all cried because we have so many late night memories, a beer in our hands and our closest friends standing next to us as we belted out the lyrics. 

Gord Downie showed as the Canadian Courage. He did not let his cancer define him. He stood up taller and prouder than ever and used it as a chance to thank the legions of fans that stood by them through out the years. It was apparent that he was tired, worn out from the struggle but he still stood up there and delivered the most important performance of his career. This performance will stand as one of the most memorable in Canadian music history as fans showed their love. 

Aug 20th 2016 will always be an emotional day for many Canadians and it definitely showed us that courage can bring us many things and unite us. The Tragically Hip are distinctly and uniquely the band that embodies Canada and Gord Downie will forever be known as a true Canadian Rock legend. Thanks for the memories Mr.Downie. Much love and much respect always. From the East Coast to the West we love you Tragically Hip. 


DC’s Villains prove mightier than its heroes

With the blossoming DC film universe we knew Suicide Squad was coming and fans everywhere waited with anticipation to see their beloved band of villainous misfits finally get the big screen treatment. It was a long wait as production stills made their way on line we received our first glance at one of DC’s most famous female characters and fan favorite villains. With that came more and more hype and a sudden shock as the film premiered to not so favorable reviews. The reviews are wrong for the most part and that is statement made from a long term fan of the characters that are making their way to the screen for the first time.

Suicide Squad is far from a perfect film and yes some of the characterization was damn near perfect and some of it was way off into left field. Suicide Squad delivers on the key intro scenes for the members of the squad even if they were a bit too rushed. There was a lot going on during this film and it certainly would be a lot to take in for someone being introduced to the world. That being said Suicide Squad is probably the most faithful adapation from a comic book yet and Kudos to DC and Warner Bros for making it authentic.

The biggest issue with this film is it is based on Mature content not suitable for children and it seemed very much watered down with family friendly dialogue. The announced sequel should most definitely be R Rated as should most of DC’s more gritty projects. Pay homage to some of the greatest works that have a mature rating in comic book form.

With that comes the characters and those who portrayed them. Alot was said during production about certain actors being cast and certain characters being brought to life on the screen. With comic book movies it is always a question of whether or not they will translate well. Certain actors in this film did a fantastic job while others struggled to find their groove within the films intricately designed structure.

One of those characters was Harley Quinn. She is one of the fan favorite characters fanboys were waiting on and boy did Margot Robbie deliver. She was the highlight of every scene she was in and stole the show from the seasoned actors in Leto and Smith. She was the perfect epitome of the damage a mentally abusive relationship has on the psyche. She was also crazy in the sense that she was just a long for the crazy rollercoaster ride. Robbie perfectly layered the sublety through out her performance and planted the seeds for a long future onscreen as Harley. Robbies weakest scenes were when she was onscreen with Leto but that was because most of Jokers scenes were quick throw away flash backs and it never painted him as the menacing clown prince of crime. Joker felt more like a perverted pimp than a psychopathic serial killer.

Leto has the potential to be better given more screen time but based on what I saw here it does not look like he will take top honors as the Joker. Robbie on the other hand immediately joins the list of top comic book character portrayals. It will most definitely be interesting to see what she can do in a solo venture.

Suicide Squads only real downfall was cheesy dialogue. The cinematography was top notch. The action was on par with other comic book films so no real judgement can be passed in that regard. Suicide Squad despite the negative reviews is a step forward for DC after Batman Vs Superman. Suicide Squad contained the potential mess to a few lines of nonsensical dialogue and Joker throw away scenes. All in all Suicide Squad is one of the most entertaining comic book adaptations I have witnessed and it really brought out the happy nerd in me as Margot Robbie brought one of my all time favorite female characters to life. It seems like the villains of the DC universe have my attention more than the heroes but that was never really in question. Harley Quinn is DC’s best villain and one of their best overall characters. Thank you David Ayer for this film in the truest sense of the word. This is for the villains what Batman Begins was for Batman. Zack Snyder move aside please and make room for David Ayer as he should be the face of DC entertainment films moving forward. Suicide Squad is a solid 9 out of 10 mostly thanks to Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn.