More Punishment coming courtesy of Netflix

There are many different reasons why a Punisher series starring Jon Bernthal was seemingly a no brainer for both Marvel and Netflix. I will examine the top 5 reasons why I think the show will undoubtedly be the best series Netflix has aired to date.

5. MCU potential- Punisher has already had a lot of interaction with big names from the MCU and opening up his world allows for many more. It would be nice to see him paired with Spiderman or even Jessica Jones on some under cover assignment. There is unlimited potential for who could appear from other various marvel sources.

4. Realism- One of the things that was hard for me to focus on during Daredevil season 2 was the supernatural element with The Hand. Punisher is one of the grittiest characters in the MCU and his back story is filled with hard knocks and realistic story lines. His physicality will play nicely with his military background and origins.


3. Villains- Punishers villains are for lack of a better term punishing. There is never a one sided fight and Punisher does not always appear to be the dominant force. Jigsaw would make the most interesting first season villain and would set the tone for seasons to follow with the stakes increasing with each passing year.

2. Netflix Platform- Netflix has the best and most dynamic television format and it is perfect for a show like The Punisher. You can binge watch (like I most likely will) or you can watch it like a normal series over the course of so many weeks. It is the perfect platform for high stakes action and big time character development which is what The Punisher will have.

1. Jon Bernthal- This man is a total badass. He stole every scene he was in from Daredevil season 2 and giving him his own starring vehicle was all but inevitable to those who have been following this man since his days on Walking Dead. His unparalleled brute toughness coupled with his physical appearance is enough to compel you to watch. Add in that the man can make you shed tears with a powerful monologue as we have scene in Penny and Dime and we saw many times on Walking Dead and you have an instant contender for lead actor in a drama series for 2018. Jon Bernthal is one hell of a fine actor and this will be his canvas.


Netflix has the next big hit on its hands and Jon Bernthal is the perfect man to bring it home. This was the casting and series confirmation that has renewed my faith in the future of Marvel. I all but primed and ready for the first season of this show to drop because I know full well I will be on the edge of my seat continuously and entertained from the opening frame of the darkly lit streets of NYC to the final cut to black on an emotionally driven season finale.


5 thoughts on “More Punishment coming courtesy of Netflix

    1. He is phenomenal. I would totally recommend watching both Daredevil and Jessica Jones. The Netflix series have been good so far, definitely worth a watch.

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      1. Gotham is pretty good. I find certain characters stand out too much on that show. Another good comic book show is The Flash.

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