The long and winding road to renewal

May sweeps and the upfronts are supposedly the most exciting time of year for any television fan but recently it has just become a mess of scheduling conflicts and reasons why good shows have found themselves chopped from the block.

The world we live in is all about announcements and big time name drops when it comes to television and movies. What shows can cash in on the names and set themselves up for prime time success in the fall when everyone is heading back to school and people are prepping for winter blues.

It is a tough decision to decide what shows deserve to come back and what does not. However there are a few things that could lead to a much easier spring for network executive. Secure any show that you already picked up for a full 22 episode first season a second chance to be successful. The upside is you give fans who are on the fence because they dont know if it will be back a reason to watch. It is simply not this simple because of Network politics and how much a show costs to produce.

That being said if a network has already taken the chance and produced the pilot and then picked up it for a full season they did see potential in it somewhere. Perhaps the issue was with advertisement. Perhaps it was on during a crowded time slot. Too many factors help or stop a show from coming back. Sometimes the easiest thing is not internal network politics but what the fans want.

Fans dont want to hear some big wig talk about how their new favorite show did not come back because how much the network can save long term because of what studio produces the show. They simply want to be entertained and that does not always mean the show with the most viewers.

The Nielson ratings are supposedly a huge indicator of how much a show should come back but it is a skewed system in a way because it is only from select American households. Plus certain American shows are aired on different days and it would be interesting to see the contrast between American and Canadian viewers on particular nights.

Every year we play the waiting game with renewal and every year it gets harder to put faith behind the big four because they constantly make decisions that are not always based solely on entertainment factor. This year looks interesting with CBS deciding to wait until all the rookie shows have aired their entire first seasons to make a decision. This is the time of year that is difficult for any fan of a bubble show new or old but especially for the new. We have barely scratched the surface on where some of these shows may go and just like that they may be ripped out from under us.

With every bit if up and down that goes on this time of year the only upside is during the next month every show steps up their game to end their season on a high note. So any fan of a bubble show can at least be thankful that the creative team behind their favorite show has done all they can to secure themselves a spot on the fall roster.


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