A show tailored made for fans of Fear

Although they are a part of the same universe and cannon, there is a huge difference between Fear The Walking Dead and its predecessor The Walking Dead. That main difference is on screen.

Where The Walking Dead producers have decided that manipulating the audience with false promises is the best route, the producers of Fear The Walking Dead have ultimately decided to make it happen where it counts, on our television screens.

This is the main reason why only two episodes into Season 2, Fear The Walking Dead is a much more enjoyable than the past 2 seasons of The Walking Dead combined. The will they or won’t they follow the comics question has plagued The Walking Dead recently in a negative way because they ultimately aim for shock value as opposed to story telling.

So far in season two of Fear The Walking Dead we have already seen so much more character development and hidden character motives then we did in all of Season six of Walking Dead.


Travis Manawa played by Cliff Curtis is a good lead character because he is a good man struggling to adapt to his surroundings. Already in season 2 we have seen him wrestle with thoughts of long term sustainability and what kind of new world they live. Plus the ultimate badass character on Fear the Walking Dead is Strand. He has obvious hidden motives and they are revealing just enough at one time to make the reveal even more fantastic. The rest of the cast compliments nicely in supporting roles. Every character seems to be changing in some way or another and that is a big thing for a show that centres itself around the world we live in no longer being there.

There is something about the unpredictability of The Fear The Walking Dead world that the original has lost. It almost seems like Walking Dead has run out of gas and is coasting to the service station that is just around the corner. Fear the Walking Dead has no source material and nothing the fans can scream about when it is done incorrectly. It is just bare bones suspenseful story telling with solid characters in a world that is crumbling around them. Nothing is guaranteed. No one is safe. Things have changed and I do feel like Fear The Walking Dead knows who needs to live and who needs to go and when.

A lot more is going to happen on this season of Fear The Walking Dead and by the end of it all if it keeps up the pace with fantastic story telling it could easily jump up a few spots on the year end list of the best shows.



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