Walking Dead Finale Review: A disappointing end to a promising reveal.

Walking Dead has become a mess. Another season has come and gone and we have been delivered with another hot mess and now have to wait and see how the writers choose to clean it up.

The glory days are gone. Simple as the that. I think this show needs to think about the end game because right now the producers just delivered the biggest middle finger possible to the fans who have been with the comic and show since day one.

Every time you see the writers and producers in interviews they promised that the season 6 finale would be heart breaking and so emotionally gripping that it would change everything. They keep promising that no one is safe and we are going to lose the characters we have become invested in.

When they announced a 90 minute episode for the season finale it felt good to know that we would finally get to the showdown that we the fans have been teased about for months now.


Instead what we got was more walking, more gun pointing, more dialogue about how Rick thinks he is the ultimate when it comes to showdowns with other groups. What we didn’t get was everything they promised. We did not get action, we did not get heart break. We sure did not feel the rush of emotions that was certainly promised.

All this talk from the actors about this being the toughest script they had to read because of the violence was all hype and I feel like the writers and producers of a show I have loved for 6 years just walked up to me and slapped me in the face and degraded my intelligence as a viewer.

The absolute one and only bright spot of the 90 minute boring season finale was when Jeffrey Dean Morgan walked out of the RV and delivered his season ending monologue. However his mystery, his allure, his big bad villainous ways were all shattered when he swung the bat and it was a cut to black that ended the season.

Now once again the writers and producers have opened their big mouths and are spewing out verbal diarrhea about how it is a beloved character that Negan took a home run swing at last night and this will launch into the next gripping story line. So essentially to we heard about how Negan was going to kill someone beloved to the fans for 6 months and now we have to wait another 6 months to know who he took a swing at? Thanks for the delivery writers. Thanks for ducking out on one of the most intense villains of all time and making it just about how it may or may not be Daryl that has struck out on life.

Minus the speech from Jeffrey Dean Morgan this was probably the weakest episode in Walking Deads six year run. Stop alluding to how people should fear the end of their lives and make it happen. Walking Dead has essentially become that one buff person we all know who is all talk until a fight breaks out.


At this point continuing to say the person in question is beloved by all is a just a continuous insult of our intelligence. Does that mean it is Glenn, Rick or Daryl because they are essentially the only three that fans seem to adore and love. If it comes back and the bat strikes Rosita, Eugene or Aaron it will just be another misguided attempt at viewership increase which has not been an issue with the show since the end of season 2.

I am done watching cast interviews and comic con panels for this. Simply stop with the verbal promises and deliver where it counts; On our television screens.


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