Not-so-greatest gladiator battle in cinematic history.

As far as comic book films go, DC has a lot of catching up to do with Marvel. That is of course minus the Dark Knight Trilogy. Those stand as probably the single greatest comic book film trilogy made to date. However on the overall spectrum of things Marvel has had the edge for the past 5 years.

Batman Vs Superman was the chance for them to make up some ground. It was their reinvention of Batman after the critically acclaimed Nolan trilogy and it was audiences first look at Ben Affleck as Batman.

Director Zach Snyder thought that for some reason cramming the most amount of information into this film was the best way to tell the story. It was not. It simply created a flawed plot that was seemingly left doomed from the get go.


The cast list looks on paper like there should be no doubts about fine performances from all of them but that is not the case when you are handed a script with nothing but doom and gloom dialogue to recite. Such was the case with Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Jessie is a fine young actor who has taken on complex roles in the past. He tried to play a fine line between eccentric and psychopath and because of the scripting he did not play the line well at all and there was no guessing at Lex’s cruel intentions. That left the middle act of the film extremely limited and very boring.

There was a couple of bright spots on the acting front. Ben Affleck played a poised and suave Bruce Wayne while looking physically fit as Batman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman had a mysterious background and her exotic beauty was on full display. There is much more to be explored with the character and if done right could be a fantastic solo venture for DC.


The rest was counter productive to Warner Bros and DC setting up a rival universe to Marvel mainly because there is no reason to enjoy the small cameos they had for the other members of the Justice League because we have no context to who they are and why they should be important. I do get that we as fanboys and fangirls we already know who these characters are but for people who want to get on board for the next generation it would have been nice to have more context instead of a blind intro when they appear in Justice League. It just made no sense to yet again tell the origin story of Bruce Wayne and have random cameos from The Flash and Aquaman.

Which brings me to another point about the future of DC on the big screen. If you wanted audiences to care about the Flash during Justice League then it should have been Grant Gustin in the role. The cameo scene in which he appeared would have been much more exciting and interesting had it been an actor we have already grown accustomed to in the role.

DC’s future is safe guarded by the current line up of television shows because if Batman Vs Superman is any indication what we can expect on the big screen it will be a back and forth struggle of characterization and just a non stop parade of misguided dialogue designed to serve a greater purpose.

At least we still have one hope for the DC cinematic experience in 2016 and that is with Suicide Squad. Hopefully that film will approve upon the dark atmosphere and realize there is room for a tiny bit of light in even the darkest of situations.

The future of the DC cinematic experience is certainly going to be an interesting ride and 2016 is only the beginning so we better buckle in for a long and bumpy ride through the tumultuous story lines they are about to subject us to.

Overall I would score the film a 6/10 for the many creative flaws. The main reason it scored points at all being that Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot have bright futures in their respective roles if the writing improves drastically.


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