More Punishment coming courtesy of Netflix

There are many different reasons why a Punisher series starring Jon Bernthal was seemingly a no brainer for both Marvel and Netflix. I will examine the top 5 reasons why I think the show will undoubtedly be the best series Netflix has aired to date.

5. MCU potential- Punisher has already had a lot of interaction with big names from the MCU and opening up his world allows for many more. It would be nice to see him paired with Spiderman or even Jessica Jones on some under cover assignment. There is unlimited potential for who could appear from other various marvel sources.

4. Realism- One of the things that was hard for me to focus on during Daredevil season 2 was the supernatural element with The Hand. Punisher is one of the grittiest characters in the MCU and his back story is filled with hard knocks and realistic story lines. His physicality will play nicely with his military background and origins.


3. Villains- Punishers villains are for lack of a better term punishing. There is never a one sided fight and Punisher does not always appear to be the dominant force. Jigsaw would make the most interesting first season villain and would set the tone for seasons to follow with the stakes increasing with each passing year.

2. Netflix Platform- Netflix has the best and most dynamic television format and it is perfect for a show like The Punisher. You can binge watch (like I most likely will) or you can watch it like a normal series over the course of so many weeks. It is the perfect platform for high stakes action and big time character development which is what The Punisher will have.

1. Jon Bernthal- This man is a total badass. He stole every scene he was in from Daredevil season 2 and giving him his own starring vehicle was all but inevitable to those who have been following this man since his days on Walking Dead. His unparalleled brute toughness coupled with his physical appearance is enough to compel you to watch. Add in that the man can make you shed tears with a powerful monologue as we have scene in Penny and Dime and we saw many times on Walking Dead and you have an instant contender for lead actor in a drama series for 2018. Jon Bernthal is one hell of a fine actor and this will be his canvas.


Netflix has the next big hit on its hands and Jon Bernthal is the perfect man to bring it home. This was the casting and series confirmation that has renewed my faith in the future of Marvel. I all but primed and ready for the first season of this show to drop because I know full well I will be on the edge of my seat continuously and entertained from the opening frame of the darkly lit streets of NYC to the final cut to black on an emotionally driven season finale.


The long and winding road to renewal

May sweeps and the upfronts are supposedly the most exciting time of year for any television fan but recently it has just become a mess of scheduling conflicts and reasons why good shows have found themselves chopped from the block.

The world we live in is all about announcements and big time name drops when it comes to television and movies. What shows can cash in on the names and set themselves up for prime time success in the fall when everyone is heading back to school and people are prepping for winter blues.

It is a tough decision to decide what shows deserve to come back and what does not. However there are a few things that could lead to a much easier spring for network executive. Secure any show that you already picked up for a full 22 episode first season a second chance to be successful. The upside is you give fans who are on the fence because they dont know if it will be back a reason to watch. It is simply not this simple because of Network politics and how much a show costs to produce.

That being said if a network has already taken the chance and produced the pilot and then picked up it for a full season they did see potential in it somewhere. Perhaps the issue was with advertisement. Perhaps it was on during a crowded time slot. Too many factors help or stop a show from coming back. Sometimes the easiest thing is not internal network politics but what the fans want.

Fans dont want to hear some big wig talk about how their new favorite show did not come back because how much the network can save long term because of what studio produces the show. They simply want to be entertained and that does not always mean the show with the most viewers.

The Nielson ratings are supposedly a huge indicator of how much a show should come back but it is a skewed system in a way because it is only from select American households. Plus certain American shows are aired on different days and it would be interesting to see the contrast between American and Canadian viewers on particular nights.

Every year we play the waiting game with renewal and every year it gets harder to put faith behind the big four because they constantly make decisions that are not always based solely on entertainment factor. This year looks interesting with CBS deciding to wait until all the rookie shows have aired their entire first seasons to make a decision. This is the time of year that is difficult for any fan of a bubble show new or old but especially for the new. We have barely scratched the surface on where some of these shows may go and just like that they may be ripped out from under us.

With every bit if up and down that goes on this time of year the only upside is during the next month every show steps up their game to end their season on a high note. So any fan of a bubble show can at least be thankful that the creative team behind their favorite show has done all they can to secure themselves a spot on the fall roster.

A show tailored made for fans of Fear

Although they are a part of the same universe and cannon, there is a huge difference between Fear The Walking Dead and its predecessor The Walking Dead. That main difference is on screen.

Where The Walking Dead producers have decided that manipulating the audience with false promises is the best route, the producers of Fear The Walking Dead have ultimately decided to make it happen where it counts, on our television screens.

This is the main reason why only two episodes into Season 2, Fear The Walking Dead is a much more enjoyable than the past 2 seasons of The Walking Dead combined. The will they or won’t they follow the comics question has plagued The Walking Dead recently in a negative way because they ultimately aim for shock value as opposed to story telling.

So far in season two of Fear The Walking Dead we have already seen so much more character development and hidden character motives then we did in all of Season six of Walking Dead.


Travis Manawa played by Cliff Curtis is a good lead character because he is a good man struggling to adapt to his surroundings. Already in season 2 we have seen him wrestle with thoughts of long term sustainability and what kind of new world they live. Plus the ultimate badass character on Fear the Walking Dead is Strand. He has obvious hidden motives and they are revealing just enough at one time to make the reveal even more fantastic. The rest of the cast compliments nicely in supporting roles. Every character seems to be changing in some way or another and that is a big thing for a show that centres itself around the world we live in no longer being there.

There is something about the unpredictability of The Fear The Walking Dead world that the original has lost. It almost seems like Walking Dead has run out of gas and is coasting to the service station that is just around the corner. Fear the Walking Dead has no source material and nothing the fans can scream about when it is done incorrectly. It is just bare bones suspenseful story telling with solid characters in a world that is crumbling around them. Nothing is guaranteed. No one is safe. Things have changed and I do feel like Fear The Walking Dead knows who needs to live and who needs to go and when.

A lot more is going to happen on this season of Fear The Walking Dead and by the end of it all if it keeps up the pace with fantastic story telling it could easily jump up a few spots on the year end list of the best shows.


Walking Dead Finale Review: A disappointing end to a promising reveal.

Walking Dead has become a mess. Another season has come and gone and we have been delivered with another hot mess and now have to wait and see how the writers choose to clean it up.

The glory days are gone. Simple as the that. I think this show needs to think about the end game because right now the producers just delivered the biggest middle finger possible to the fans who have been with the comic and show since day one.

Every time you see the writers and producers in interviews they promised that the season 6 finale would be heart breaking and so emotionally gripping that it would change everything. They keep promising that no one is safe and we are going to lose the characters we have become invested in.

When they announced a 90 minute episode for the season finale it felt good to know that we would finally get to the showdown that we the fans have been teased about for months now.


Instead what we got was more walking, more gun pointing, more dialogue about how Rick thinks he is the ultimate when it comes to showdowns with other groups. What we didn’t get was everything they promised. We did not get action, we did not get heart break. We sure did not feel the rush of emotions that was certainly promised.

All this talk from the actors about this being the toughest script they had to read because of the violence was all hype and I feel like the writers and producers of a show I have loved for 6 years just walked up to me and slapped me in the face and degraded my intelligence as a viewer.

The absolute one and only bright spot of the 90 minute boring season finale was when Jeffrey Dean Morgan walked out of the RV and delivered his season ending monologue. However his mystery, his allure, his big bad villainous ways were all shattered when he swung the bat and it was a cut to black that ended the season.

Now once again the writers and producers have opened their big mouths and are spewing out verbal diarrhea about how it is a beloved character that Negan took a home run swing at last night and this will launch into the next gripping story line. So essentially to we heard about how Negan was going to kill someone beloved to the fans for 6 months and now we have to wait another 6 months to know who he took a swing at? Thanks for the delivery writers. Thanks for ducking out on one of the most intense villains of all time and making it just about how it may or may not be Daryl that has struck out on life.

Minus the speech from Jeffrey Dean Morgan this was probably the weakest episode in Walking Deads six year run. Stop alluding to how people should fear the end of their lives and make it happen. Walking Dead has essentially become that one buff person we all know who is all talk until a fight breaks out.


At this point continuing to say the person in question is beloved by all is a just a continuous insult of our intelligence. Does that mean it is Glenn, Rick or Daryl because they are essentially the only three that fans seem to adore and love. If it comes back and the bat strikes Rosita, Eugene or Aaron it will just be another misguided attempt at viewership increase which has not been an issue with the show since the end of season 2.

I am done watching cast interviews and comic con panels for this. Simply stop with the verbal promises and deliver where it counts; On our television screens.

Not-so-greatest gladiator battle in cinematic history.

As far as comic book films go, DC has a lot of catching up to do with Marvel. That is of course minus the Dark Knight Trilogy. Those stand as probably the single greatest comic book film trilogy made to date. However on the overall spectrum of things Marvel has had the edge for the past 5 years.

Batman Vs Superman was the chance for them to make up some ground. It was their reinvention of Batman after the critically acclaimed Nolan trilogy and it was audiences first look at Ben Affleck as Batman.

Director Zach Snyder thought that for some reason cramming the most amount of information into this film was the best way to tell the story. It was not. It simply created a flawed plot that was seemingly left doomed from the get go.


The cast list looks on paper like there should be no doubts about fine performances from all of them but that is not the case when you are handed a script with nothing but doom and gloom dialogue to recite. Such was the case with Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Jessie is a fine young actor who has taken on complex roles in the past. He tried to play a fine line between eccentric and psychopath and because of the scripting he did not play the line well at all and there was no guessing at Lex’s cruel intentions. That left the middle act of the film extremely limited and very boring.

There was a couple of bright spots on the acting front. Ben Affleck played a poised and suave Bruce Wayne while looking physically fit as Batman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman had a mysterious background and her exotic beauty was on full display. There is much more to be explored with the character and if done right could be a fantastic solo venture for DC.


The rest was counter productive to Warner Bros and DC setting up a rival universe to Marvel mainly because there is no reason to enjoy the small cameos they had for the other members of the Justice League because we have no context to who they are and why they should be important. I do get that we as fanboys and fangirls we already know who these characters are but for people who want to get on board for the next generation it would have been nice to have more context instead of a blind intro when they appear in Justice League. It just made no sense to yet again tell the origin story of Bruce Wayne and have random cameos from The Flash and Aquaman.

Which brings me to another point about the future of DC on the big screen. If you wanted audiences to care about the Flash during Justice League then it should have been Grant Gustin in the role. The cameo scene in which he appeared would have been much more exciting and interesting had it been an actor we have already grown accustomed to in the role.

DC’s future is safe guarded by the current line up of television shows because if Batman Vs Superman is any indication what we can expect on the big screen it will be a back and forth struggle of characterization and just a non stop parade of misguided dialogue designed to serve a greater purpose.

At least we still have one hope for the DC cinematic experience in 2016 and that is with Suicide Squad. Hopefully that film will approve upon the dark atmosphere and realize there is room for a tiny bit of light in even the darkest of situations.

The future of the DC cinematic experience is certainly going to be an interesting ride and 2016 is only the beginning so we better buckle in for a long and bumpy ride through the tumultuous story lines they are about to subject us to.

Overall I would score the film a 6/10 for the many creative flaws. The main reason it scored points at all being that Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot have bright futures in their respective roles if the writing improves drastically.