Less Daring, more Punishing.

Marvel has such a detailed universe with such amazing characters at the ready to be plucked into any story line. They chose Daredevil, a hero that deserved redemption after the terrible on screen portrayal by a man who has now moved on to a new universe.

Season one of Daredevil was a gritty origin story filled with character drama and epic fight scenes. Season 2 promised more of the same with the addition of the Punisher and Elektra. However adding two dynamic characters took away from the story because it did not allow fully fleshed Arch’s for either one of the two new badasses.

That being said The Punisher played by Jon Bernthal was an absolute treat. He was menacing and heart breaking at the same time. His motives were understandable but his actions were appalling. It is that fine line of right and wrong and Bernthal walked it perfectly. He gave Frank the much needed breath of fearlessness while keeping him grounded by a childrens rhyme.

Penny and Dime was one of the finest episodes of television you will see in 2016. It had fine performances from the leads, enough action and character development that you finally felt connected to the character of the Punisher. Bernthal particularly excelled in this episode through dialogue and not through brute force. That to me is a much better indicator of character development than hardcore action scenes.


It was after this episode that the season took a turn and introduced another new character who did not have the same explosive intro as The Punisher. Elektra Natchios should have been left for season three because after her introduction came a convoluted plot about life and death and resurrection which in turn took Daredevil away from The Punisher plot line.

The fight scenes were still incredible but season two definitely did not have the same feeling as Season One. It felt disconnected from reality where season one built such a grounded reality with gritty realism. The age old war plotline with the Hand took Daredevil out of the real world situation of what the Punisher was dealing with and set him on a path that the writers felt would be better left unexplained until season three. I am not sure who thought that was a good idea but it certainly was not.

Elektra was not the character she could have been had they devoted an entire season to her past with Matt Murdock.


Marvel and Netflix have some restructuring to do for the future of their television universe. Daredevil season two was severely lacking in character connection after about episode 6 of the season. When you lose connection to the lead character it almost dooms the future of the show. The only character from season one I still felt connected with by the end of the second season was Karen Page.

The future of Daredevil rests heavily on bringing back Jon Bernthal has Frank Castle in order to reconnect the audience to the masked vigilante by venturing back into the raw emotions it was once founded on. Either that or Bernthal gets his own show which is the ultimate hope given how well he portrayed the character in the limited story he was given.


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