Creating a less limited Limitless

It is the time of year where we inevitably have to wonder about the new shows we have come to love. Limitless is that show this year and the question of course on everyones mind is should it come back for round two?

The easy answer is yes. The more complicated thought is that not every show has done enough to warrant a second season. Limitless has done quite a bit during its rookie run, but the issue is that it has been relatively too simple minded for a show with such a name as limitless.

The only episodes of Limitless that have really got me thinking are the ones that Bradley Cooper has guest starred in. That is because the episodes usually delve deeper than the FBI and the day to day proceedings.

The cast are incredibly talented and play their often typical characters well. I have enjoyed the small things Limitless has done well but ultimately it is not a show that if it was not on I would miss like crazy.

That being said it still sucks seeing a show you have invested time in hit the chopping block. So if Limitless was to come back for a second go around there are things I would like to see happen.


1) Brian outside of the FBI. The FBI narrows down the plot and only allows for a case of the week type plot. If they made it a show that continued a weaving narrative from week to week it force people to tune and not feel like it was skip able.

2) Maybe even have less focus on Brian and more focus on NZT. Without the drug there is no show and without a show we the viewers have nothing. NZT has the ability to change the world but so far we have seen Brian take NZT by day and smoke weed by night.

3) Forget the comedic inserts of Cat gifs and dog videos when Brian is doing something “boring”. It makes the show seem Childish and less focused on the dramatic ways NZT can change someones perspectives.

4) Stop with the convenient Eddie Morra drops in and have Brian expose him. Clearly the FBI and Eddie are two separate entities both with ways to get NZT. So because the FBI has not figured out Morra is on NZT means they are clearly unaware of his major connection too it.

5) Bring in the desperation factor. Have it affect Brian in more ways. Right now he is essentially the perfect human being. He can take NZT by day and crack any case the FBI needs him too and by night he can appear seemingly normal to his family and friends outside the FBI.

The biggest concern at this point is that Limitless has had too much of a ratings dip for it to come back for a sophomore season. It actually would be a shame if it didn’t. I always thought the idea behind NZT was a fantastic one. It has serious implications on break throughs and would also bring serious changes to the mind of someone teetering on evil doings.

That is what the film never touched on. That is what the TV show has only made implications of. Limitless has been dark at times but ultimately Brian is too much of a farce for this show to be taken completely seriously. It doesn’t know when to be comedic and when to be dramatic. It always tries whole heatedly to do both in the same episode and sometimes that just does not work.

Most shows get away with the odd joke. Most shows know what they are and know which characters can make the joke and have the audience be comfortable with it. Limitless has never felt comfortable with it’s characters. It has never allowed them to have their own personalities.

Limitless is too far into season one to correct these faults. That is why the only way to fix these issues would be to have a second season. Brian needs to stop feeling like a goof and the FBI needs to feel more than one dimensional.


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