The R Rated World of Deadpool

With the ever changing landscape of Comic book films it begs the question; How many of those films should be rated R?

Deadpool is not breaking new ground by having that rating, it is just the most popular film to have it.

With that being said the most complicated thing about an R rating is that you are automatically limiting the amount of people who can view the film. That means as a producer one must contemplate are the 18-45 demo going to bring in enough profit.

Profit is large factor in the ultimate success of any film or television series. Except comic book films have a factor that is already a built in contributor to the films eventual rating and that is source material. Same with any film based on a novel. We already have ideas of how we want it to look.

Deadpool is probably the first comic book film that benefited from having a hard R rating and not budging on that. It allowed Deadpool to run his mouth and not have it sound filtered and unrealistic. Sometimes the ramblings were the furthest thing from comedic but that is who the character is. He talks out his thoughts. He is known as the Merc with the Mouth and that is definitely explored in this film.


Ryan Reynolds is the man to thank for the continuous push to have Deadpool rated R. There has been much backlash about kids wanting to see Deadpool. It is quite violent and seeing that display on the big screen could damage kids who are not fully developed. The last thing we need are kids thinking hurting someone is funny and cool because Deadpool did it. There are traumatic themes in Deadpool such as PTSD, Schizophrenic tendencies and unrelenting torture. These darker themes will go over the heads of children and they will just laugh at Deadpool drawing himself with a crayon and the absurdity of the music being played.

Reynolds explored the darker side of Wade Wilson, his desire for revenge despite being told numerous times killing is wrong. Deadpool is downright hilarious at times but it is the best Marvel movie yet because it can combine both the darker elements and well timed humour about how it is the quite similar to other marvel productions. In the end Deadpool is merely the story of a man wanting his one true love back and that does make for some hilarious jokes a long the way.

I think every one of the actors did a fantastic job and the opening credits did a good job identifying them. TJ Miller was the secondary comedian who easily cracked jokes and brought a lighter approach to the films tone. Morena Baccarin and Ryan Reynolds had tremendous chemistry and brought out the albeit scripted cheese factor and made it awesome. There were some clever jokes delivered by most of the cast members and it helped solidify Deadpool as the most rounded Marvel production yet.

Comic books adaptations have a much better chance of being successful if story is the focus. So many people want to see R rated versions of their favorite heroes and villains when a PG13 rating can suffice with a proper adaptation.

Because the R rating worked so perfectly for Deadpool that does not mean it will work the same way for every Comic book film going forward. It is a huge decision to give any film an R rating because you need to believe that your target audience will see it regardless. The only way they will is if you give them the story they are asking for and only worry about rating classification once the screenplay has been perfected.



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