Best Television Shows of 2015

Top 10 Best Shows of 2015

10. Bloodline (Netflix)- The dark portrayal of Ben Mendolsohn made this show more mysterious, add in that he created drama with almost everyone he interacted with and you have one of the most engaging shows of 2015. His chemistry with Kyle Chandler was downright phenomenal and as the season progressed you knew it was heading to something chilling.


9. Fear The Walking Dead (AMC)- Touted as the next big zombie show Fear did a fantastic job spreading the paranoia and panic of the early days of the apocalypse. It was fresh to see people struggling with their morality as they made questionable decisions and it was even more fun to be on an abosultely fun ride that did come pre-packaged by a neat comic book story. The cast was good, not great in their respective family roles which is what kept this show from going higher on the list.

8.Longmire (Netflix)- The once canceled cowboy drama found a new home on Netflix and the format sure did help. It began right where the third season had left off and took us to new levels as story lines were ended and new ones began which lead to another thrilling cliffhanger. Robert Taylor is very subtle in portraying the slight nuances that make Walter Longmire who he is and the rest of the cast fits in nicely, taking on more screen time due to the almost 15 minutes extra run time they received per episode.


7. Ray Donovan (Showtime)- Probably the only element of this show that can’t be criticized is the casting. Leiv Schrieber is very emotionally disconnected as Ray, having bottled his emotions for too long and now he cant run from them any longer. Ray Donovan combines the absurdities of an upper class California lifestyle with enough family drama to keep the story flowing at a good rate and to keep the emotional scenes coming at us with intensity.

6. The Walking Dead (AMC)- This show was once a shoe-in for a top 5 spot, but recently the survival element has not been enforced as hard as it should be. This show once praised itself on no one being safe and there was not been a death that was surprising since Lori died in season 3. Lennie James returning as Morgan has provided some reassurance that there is still potential story lines for characters who think differently than the core group, and the upcoming second half promises to have a much needed change in pace with Negan being introduced before seasons end. 2016 could lead the Walking Dead back into it’s old unpredictable and violent territory.

5. Empire (Fox)- Terrence Howard and Taraji P. Henson are electrifying and it is so crazy to think that all episodes of this show have aired only 2015, which makes it one hell of a debut. Any other year this show debuting this strong could have possibly garnered it the number one spot. Empire features dope musical guest stars from Courtney Love to Alicia Keys and the drama is hot enough to start a fire in any room. Empire is straight up one of the best produced shows on television on all fronts, from story telling to editing to acting, this show will have a perennial top 5 spot as long as it airs and as long as it continues down this path.


4. Daredevil (Netflix)- One of Marvels most deep heroes, Netflix took a much darker approach than the disappointing 2003 Ben Affleck film. Another show with top notch production value and the selling point to it all was the choreography for the fight scenes. Every punch, every bruise felt real and you could feel it watching as no single character dominated every fight and no one character looked more badass than the next. Couple that with a fine performance from Vincent D’Onafrio as Wilson Fisk and you have perhaps the finest Marvel production to date and that includes the cinematic universe.

3. Halt and Catch Fire (AMC)- Early computer creations, early gaming platforms, set in the early to mid 80’s, AMC has one of the most original time pieces of all time in this show and they made a smart decision to pick it up for a third season despite the low ratings. Season 2 was much better than season one, allowing the strong female characters to take the forefront. Lead by Kerry Bishe and Mackenzie Davis the Mutiny story line created put the two women on a dangerous path as one tried to move on after a tumultuous relationship and the other tried to keep a family together.

2. The Flash (CW)- With a cast full of relatively unknowns, The Flash has taken on some fairly emotional content and every cast member has had the chance to be brilliant. Grant Gustin has depth and shows his emotional range on a fairly regular basis and the villainous guest stars have been incredible efficient in creating dynamic villains for the Flash to engage with. Season 2 has introduced the multiverse and that opens up many new story lines and it is only a matter of time before the back half of season 2 begins to allow them to unfold.

1. Hannibal (NBC)- There probably is not a single positive word that has not already been used to describe this show. Every time I sat down to watch it my mind was blown by the psychological themes on display and the undertones were even darker and twisted. Season three took on perhaps the most grim Hannibal story lines with the Verger farm in the mid season finale and then time jump to include The Red Dragon in the back half. Mads Mikkelson continued to excel and make Hannibal his own with such a deep performance. Every word spoken to him and Hugh Dancy’s Will Graham brought the show to new levels and left you wanting more each week. It’s a shame probably the best produced show in the past decade has ended so soon after what was probably the best story line to date. As a fan of this show, I can only imagine where this show would have gone next, but the one that was a guarantee is that it would have been emotionally and visually satisfying.



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