All in for a fun thrilling action rollercoaster ride with DC’s favorite heroes. 

The DCEU has had a rough time finding critical success. However it must be pointed out that sometimes critics do not get it right and this was one of those times. Of course most films are not without flaw but Justice League definitely served up a fun film with some much needed intros for the rest of the DCEU mainstays. 

Early on it felt like it was going to become another Batman and Wonder Woman film but as the film began to develop it certainly became deeper than that. Each member of the team has their demons and will face those demons most likely but this was not the time for that. This was a time for banding together and saving the world and the team was up for the challenge.

The Flash has always been one of my favorite DC heroes and it always had me worried that a different actor was going to play him on the big screen than in the show. Ezra Miller is a fine young actor but the early previews left Barry looking childish and immature. The film did display some behavior of that nature but explained it away by having Barry not fully understanding his powers yet. He is still young, still struggling in life and still coming to terms with the idea that he is in fact a meta human. Barry was displayed as the Rookie of the team without a full grasp of what he can do or for that matter what he will do within the universe (multiple worlds included). For now Miller created a more eccentric Barry who for one reason or another before Bruce showed up was living in an abandonned building and was a one man crew. An important name in Barrys future was dropped several times and that was Star Labs. The decision to avoid inclusion of Star Labs baffled me a bit because of the overt name drops and the mention of the leader of at Star Labs. Any fan knows what that means in the larger world of the Flash so I am most definitely excited about The Flash resurfacing soon in the DCEU.

Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot continued to be the main focus with both of them doing a great job of Co-Leaders of the group. Affleck is definitely leaning towards The Dark Knight Returns style as an older aging Batman who is coming to terms with his own physical limitations and mortality. Diana Prince is probably the best developped hero thus far and is definitely a bad ass warrior. Arthur Currie will most likely get more development in his own film which makes sense to not waste time on most of his story here. His action scenes were fantastic and how cool was Amber Heard as Mera? Great job making us want more of the one hero whose film is near complete. Cyborg was unfortunately the one character who did little to help improve or hinder the film which ultimately makes him a throw away character who would serve best as an assist to the others moving forward and not a character worthy of having his own film before many of the others.

It is safe to say DC has taken the reverse Marvel approach and got the team up out of the way and will now venture back into solo outings which definitely cannot hurt in anyway. If you have been following DC for the past 20 years or more when you hear Ezra Miller talk about Flashpoint you know what that word means for the future. We know that the threats to this world will not stop and one of the Justice Leagues greatest foes was teased during the post credits scene (the other was a debated issue for years but real fans know who the real winner would be. Hint hint it’s the meta and not the Kryptonian). 

No disrespect to Zack Snyder but bringing in Joss Whedon to help was definitely evident in the film. Whedon has a tendency to mix dark drama with even darker humour and that adds a layer of fun and complexity to some over simplified plots. Steppenwolf was a throw away villain in the same vain that Cyborg seemed like a throwaway member of the League. He was designed to be a strong foe but not one we ever felt was in danger of making a lasting impact on the world itself. There is definitely a sense of what is to come and there has to be more. The biggest flaw of Justice League was the two hour run time felt to quick and there was not enough investment in a greater fight. Justice League had so many characters that tried to break new ground and keep the fans excited but beyond the Flash most of them had pacing issues. It should have ended on more of a cliffhanger style ending which would set up for the next round of films. 

Justice League better get strong reviews from early audience goers or the film may be in jeopardy of turning a profit which would definitely hinder the future of the DCEU and the strong stories that should be coming soon. The only problem with Justice League is that the effort to start a universe may come much later than it should have. 

Zack Snyder tends to focus on the darker aspects of film making relying on heavy dialogue and old school noir style shadowing to create darker more brooding heroes. It is good to finally see a lighter approach that hopefully the film keeps moving forward.

This is not a film for those who don’t know the history of DC and what their heroes can do. It is a film for long time fans to get acquainted with their favorite heroes or new versions of their beloved characters.

Acting- 9/10- Affleck and Gadot were expected to keep up the tradition of being good in their respective roles and there was a scene that showcased the two of them well together. Ezra Miller stole the show as the best of the new introductees and I am definitely looking forward to more from him as Barry Allen aka The Flash. Everyone did the part right down to the minor roles and it gave a good end result.

Visuals- 8.5/10- Some of the CGI on Cyborg looked a little fake but the action scenes were top notch allowing us to see the strengths of each character on display in a badass action scene. The end fight was great and everything looked smooth and cool during the fight scenes.

Writing- 8.5/10- Zack Snyder once again was aiming for a darker more aggressive tone but the script ended up with some brilliant quips from Barry Allen and even most of the others had their light moments to shine with brilliance. 

Overall Score- 9/10- It was one hell of an action movie with mostly great visual affects about my favorite team of heroes. What is there not to love. Sometimes the majority of critics just don’t know a great film when they see one. Take my word for it, Justice League is one totally badass bigscreen adventure.


A true horror Masterpiece! 

Every now and again there is a film that easily takes us deep into a terrifying and psychologically challenging thrill ride. Stephen King has a tendency to do this with his novels so one could only hope the film adaptation of his classic horror novel It could be as terrifying as the over 1000 page novel. Expectations were set and then smashed upon viewing It. 

From the opening moment of the film it was gripping. As we come to understand the menace of Pennywise quite quickly it most definitely set a tone that the rest of the movie needed to live up to. My pulse was pounding within minutes as Bill Skarsgard began to speak. Immediately the film went to a great length to establish that this film was going to go more pyschological than jump scares and that meant even more to come from Bill Skarsgard aka Pennywise the Dancing Clown.

The film quickly transitions to a more calm and collected atmosphere switching to the children as summer approaches. There is an obvious somber mood as the town curfew is announced to be 7 and the boys discuss the missing town kids. However the dialogue between the kids was realistic and semi comedic which definitely helped ground the children as leads whos fate we actually cared about.

Of course from there we are taken on a ride that deals with many important themes. It is suprinsgly just as good at being a solid coming of age tale as it is at being a horror film. For a film of this nature to clock in at 2hrs15 mins it had a lot of ground to cover and it really did takes it time to make the characters and torture at hands of Pennywise even more terrifying and damaging. The fate of the children was always in danger and as Pennywise became a bigger threat the film so gracefully slides between quick witted dialogue and frightening dialogue.

Notably one of the hardest things to pull off was always going to be the many shapes and forms of It/Pennywise remaining terrifying while still keeping the clown form as the one that evokes the most emotion from the audience. My jaw dropped during most of the scenes that featured Bill Skarsgard. I want to call it here and hopefully it can gain enough traction but I strongly believe Skarsgard should be handed the Oscar for best supporting actor right now. It was not always his words, it was his lanky structure and his deep eyes that he used to convey a sense of pure terror. Right from the first scene we could see the lurking creepiness behind his eyes. Perhaps a minor spoiler but poor Georgie and every moment this is used to damage Bill through out the film. Spoilers over from here. 

Pennywise was a key part to the film but none of his scenes could have been as powerful if not for strong portrayals of the group of young people known as the Losers club. Beverley, Ritchie and of course Bill were strongly written characters. Bill providing the groups courage, Ritchie the groups humour and Beverley the groups diversity and romanticism. As I said early if you take away Pennywise there was still a strong coming of age element to this film that dealt with bullying, sexuality and standing up for ones self. It really was the complete film that could have came from the first half of Kings novel. Chapter 2 will be its own thing down the road but Chapter 1 was one of the most complete films classified as a horror that I have ever witnessed. R ratings do help and parents dont blame the producers if your 12 year old kids that came to the movie somehow have nightmares for nights because they thought the film was too violent.

This was a film meant for adults. There were a couple of scenes that were hard to handle that didnt even involve Pennywise. This film was much deeper on all levels than I anticpated and that has easily made it probably my best viewing experience of 2017 so far. With the box Office draw it had opening weekend Chapter 2 is going to happen and trust me, I cannot wait. If you are a fan of classic horror and physchologically frightening films than this is for you. You will not be disappointed.

 Debuting here will be a new scoring system for film reviews. It will score acting, writing, visuals and then an overall score for the film.

Acting- 9.5- Bill Skarsgard set the tone early and everyone kept it flowing through out.

Visuals- 9.5/10- Pennywise was as frightening as they come and any scene that required weird visuals had no real issue bringing to life and keeping it petrifying through out.

Writing- 9/10-  It is always hard to take a 1000 pages and shrink it down for a film. Good use of Pennywise but perhaps made him look a little too weak near the end. Still a solid script. 

Overall Score- 9.5/10- A thrilling horror story meant for the big screen. My jaw dropped during several scenes and I had chills during many others. Thanks for sharing that journey with me brother. More to come man and its gonna rock. 

Swinging Home!

Homecoming is always usually bittersweet and filled with heavy emotions. Marvel finally gave long time fans a chance to see and feel the emotions they always deserved by brining a beloved character home where he always belonged.

We finally have the answers to all the burning questions. How will Spider-Man fair in the MCU? The answer is he will be just fine. The reason he will be just fine is thanks to Tom Holland. Holland is the definitive Peter Parker we needed for the next generation. Tobey who? Andrew what? Sorry guys, move on down the road because Tom Holland is here and it is not going anywhere for a while.

Homecoming was such a fun film for many different reasons. It was funny, charming, filled with action and had an amazing cast who all played their part extremely well. It is of course always a pleasure to see Robert Downey JR as Tony Stark in whatever capacity they want to provide him. It ws however Michael Keatons villainous Vulture that kept the film interesting. It was refreshing for the MCU to give us a villain that had never been done before and then go out and cast a big time actor who made it all worth the while. Keaton definitely becomes more chilling as the film goes on and there is a particular scene near the end of the film where he shares a one on one with Tom Holland with no superpowers or gadgets involved and it was the heaviest scene in the movie. There some fun characters included in this film including Aaron Davis aka The Prowler who happens to be the Uncle of one Miles Morales. Maybe one day Miles (One of my personal faves in the Spider-Man universe) will make his way to the big screen.

Bringing Spider-Man back to Marvel was a complete necessity and one that should result in an amazing series now that we have a general idea of where the story may be heading. This is a series that needs to grow darker in tone as it progresses. The need to have a fun light film to begin the franchise is understood but there is abosolutely no way the future films can carry the same tone and tell some of the grittier Spider-Man stories involving villains like Venom and Carnage or even the hinted at villain during the mid credit scene. There are a few villains that definitely could shake up the comfortable home life of Peter Parker depending on what route they take. I have always been an advocate for a darker tone within the MCU. Civil War tried it nicely and hopefully it becomes something worth investing in. Spider-Man is a character that has been loved since way before my childhood, he just happened to be rejuvenated in a time that I could learn to love him as a new generation. The adults who have loved Spider-Man for 20, 30 or more years definitely want to see Holland express the darker side of Parker as things progress and I think they deserve just that.

Now that Spider-Man is home there are limitless possibilities of who can appear and what story lines can be done. Maximum Carnage is one in particular that would be of interest to me. A major hint was dropped about who could the major villain for the next film and Holland himself has expressed that he does not want a repetition of the same villains that have been done before in previous Spidey films. Please Marvel listen to Holland and dont rehash Green Goblin for a third time. It is just not necessary.

This is the first great film of 2017 and I am entirely thankful for that. This is the Spider-Man movie that we all wanted and Marvel has definitely set themselves up well for Spider-Man to have a major part of their universe for years to come.

Tense and driven by internal character development, Orange is the New Black is back! 

Orange is the New Black was always a series that was enjoyable. It stayed a long of the line of a series worthy of watching and most definitely an enjoyable series but not a series that stood above the rest. With Season 5 it no longer stayed a long the line of just another series worthy of a watch and a few shout outs. It became the series I always wanted to see. It hit legendary status on my series viewing experience. A platform that has really only been hit by three series that felt complete in every sense of the word. Season five had all the fixings to get lost in the season and deliver the most bold and profound storyline the show has dared to explore while still keeping true to thing that matters most in the world of television; Characters.

While Piper Chapman is still techinically the lead character of this series the show has definitely learned where the strong actresses are and which characters need to be the central focus and when. This season it belonged to three characters. Taystee, Red and Daya. 

Daya will be the first one discussed as she was the first character who really had a major impact on the events that transpired over the course of season 5. Daya without her mother in prison with her wanted to feel heard and feel like she had a place within the prison. Daya makes a life altering decision for all the prisoners when she shoots the guard in the leg. It plays out through the narrative as Daya becomes the one in charge as she is the one with the weapon. Daya as most people would takes the reigns but instantly sees the pressure of the now escalating prison riot. Within her story was the acceptance of ones own choices and how you can only really hope for better for the ones you love. With her mother gone she tried to grab one moment of acceptance which took away a lifetime of experiences in the outside world away.

Red comes next. Kate Mulgrew has always been one of the highlights of the series thus far and Season 5 of course took her character in a new almost unexpected turn with the abuse of speed and the frantic searches to prove Piscatella had alterior motives. It allowed for emotional moments of role reverseal between Red and Nikki which were some of the best scenes they have shared together. Red was always strong for her girls and her family and this time it was there turn to show their solidarity with her and take down Piscatella when things escalated. While on the subject, the episode featuring flashbacks to Piscatella’s past was one of the best use of the flash backs to date. It added depth to a character who in order to feel like the seasons big bad needed more dynamic and purpose within the story.

Of course the guards and their lack of respect for the inmates gave way for the best performance of the season and definitely the biggest character progression and that is Danielle Brooks as Taystee. Poussey’s death and her subsequent rally for justic were Taystee’s driving anger to display emotions we have seen very seldomly in this series. It lead back to everything we constantly read every day about needless violence against black people all over the world. We get Taystees thirst for justice as it is time for change and for people to pay for their actions. This played out very heavily in two scenes. The first one a small brief scene where Taystee meets Poussey for the first time in the library. It was small, short but it was an absolutely beautiful and emotional scene from a writers stand point to show how deep and how far that connection grew. The second was the scene where Taystee is the voice who speaks instead of Judy King. It was brave and the message behind what she said was a message that holds true. People deserve rehabillitation, they deserve the right to be treated with respect and not like animals while in prison. Stop with the needless violence and stop forgetting that everyone should face justice for their actions. 

Orange is the New Black definitely took on a much darker tone for the new season and with the way it ended it is definitely up in the air about where the show will go next. Will the remaining inmates left in the pool all survive? Will the show decide to focus on the core group as they are relocated? Its some tough decisions to make as a show runner but if they continue to make smart and tension filled decisions like they did for season 5 then season 6 will be just as good. If they choose to bring in new blood to Litchfield it may end up taking a step back and becoming the slightly formulaic show that it once was.

It definitely makes sense to show perspectives as they begin to integrate back into normal life as it is a minmum security prison and their chances at Parole would be significantly higher. It has definitely elevated itself to legendary status for now. Whether it stays there falls primarily on the writing staff. With two seasons left on the current renewal deal with Netflix there is most definitely the question about considering the shows inevitable final season. It’s popular and that always has a major impact on situations moving forward but first and foremost it is a story and I hope it does not try and stay on for 10 seasons just to end on a mediocre final few seasons.

Netflix right now has an early candidate for drama of the year and with the ending we were given summer 2018 should prove to be just as eventful as summer 2017 for the inmates of Litchfield. Will it take the next step towards cementing a legacy or will step back towards familiar ground that tells a predictable and less intense story. Only time will tell and waiting is something fans of this series have grown accustomed to. 

 Love for Manchester

Manchester my heart breaks for you. I cannot even begin to fathom the pain and grief the people affected by this horrible tragedy are feeling. I cannot imagine how hard it must be to now feel unsafe buying concert tickets. Ariana Grande my heart also broke for you and the immense sadness you must be feeling, the shock, the anxiety of now never feeling 100 per cent comfortable on stage must be immensely overwhelming.  Ariana please dont blame yourself. Please dont feel like this is something you did wrong. This happened because of one reason: Hate.

When someone is driven by hate we have grown witness to the fact they will do atrocious things to be seen and heard. Ariana you did what you do best, allow your fans the show they deserved and its a horrid act of cowardice to use your safe haven for your fans as a means to destory such beautiful lives. As I have made clear Ariana Grande before this to me was an artist who made catchy pop songs that made me jam from time to time. Ariana you have now proven to the world and me you have one of the biggest hearts in the world for offering to help  cover the funeral costs for those who lost loved ones. You have shown dignity, class and respect for the situation. For everyone who is telling you that leaving Manchester was a cowards act I say they need to go feed under the bridge. You needed family and loved ones. Trust me, if that was me I would immediately just want to be able to hold my wife and child. There is nothing wrong with needing to be around the people who always have your back during one of the most horrific events you will ever experience. 

We live in a world where judgement is our first reaction. Revenge is the second. We immediately want to make people understand the pain we feel through experience. Thats a road of loneliness and despair. Our first question when responding to tragedy should be “How are people capable of such things” not “How can we make them feel what we feel or worse”.  All the people calling these attacks “fake” and “controlled” are the ones downplaying the grief being felt by people all over England and across the world right now. Personally the responses “It is coming from mainstream media, how can be it true?” Or “I’m not sure why people died if it was a controlled experiment gone wrong” are appaling and disgusting. It is one thing to feel like a couple times perhaps the government has been shady but it is another thing all together to believe that somehow the US and other governments are staging attacks all over the world just to maintain a war with ISIS. 

The mainstream media already 90 per cent of the time portrays Islam as the biggest danger to the US freedom and constitution. People have even told me that if I study Islam it will be a truly eye opening experience to their religion and everything they stand for. The same way not all Christians stand for the extreme view points of those who literally whip themselves if they sin, I am sure not all 2 billion or more Muslims believe that death to all infadels is the true word of Islam. Much like Christianity and all other religions Islam has been turned into a method of madness to spread fear and hate. It has been the easy target of the western civilization because it is the easy way out for us to place the blame on a religion that has many different cultural view points than the ones most practised within the safety of our own homes. Judgement based on religion or between religions is probably the most hypocritical form of judgement. Let me use Jesus to shame those who spread the word of Allah because “Allah is not Jesus and Jesus is the one true Holy being sent here to rid the world of our sins”. Well sorry to disappoint big guy in the sky but in the 2017 years since you came to earth to rid us of our sins most of the sinning and righteous indignation has come from your most loyal of Sunday followers against those who on a daily basis do a better job of practising your words out of common kindness to their fellow men and women than those who attend bible studies and weekly church services.

ISIS is to blame. Not Islam. Not Allah. Not the 2 billion practising Muslims who have no ill intent to anyone trying to live their lives in peace. Extremism is to blame. Extremism is not only a word associated with ISIS. Neither is radical. Western Culture again out of fear for the unknown has told us there is a direct correlation between the two. Some of my devout Christian friends stayed silent during the Manchester bombings or quickly used the tragedy to blame Muslims for the attack saying that by letting them into our beautiful nation we are giving ISIS a chance to grow. I love Canada because we are open armed and loving of the world. I dont like the idea of walls to keep people out or not feeling safe in public. Generally for the most part here in Canada I do feel safe. Hate gets us absolutely nowhere. Ariana Grande’s concert should have been a safe haven for fans to let loose. 22 people can never be held by their loved ones again. Many more will never feel safe in a crowded place ever again. Yet through the sadness and heartbreak we stand together when someone like Ariana Grande reminds us through selfless giving and honor that money and fame dont really mean all that much. Respect, love and dignity mean a whole lot more than those every could.  Ariana Grande has now become a beacon of sunshine in an otherwise horrible moment for all of Manchester and has made me realize that as long as I am here on this earth I never want to stop spreading peace and kindness to my fellow human beings. Not in the name of god or any religion in particular but merely out of common decency to those who cohabitate this insanely wonderous planet we all live on. Kindness should not be granted on the grounds that a book tells you “these are the right people to extend courtesy to” but only on the principal that until they disrespect you we are all born equally and exit this world as eqauls. 

May Peace and love always shine no matter how dark the day is. May artists like Ariana Grande and many others show us that music and art is greater than hate and violence. May we together hold hands and mourn the lives lost while still holding onto hope that one day we wont have to suffer through these events as a society. Love and respect your fellow humans. It can be life changing to extend your hand to someone you least expected. 

Dearest TV viewers, please watch Dear White People

Netflix is continuing the trend of series with provocative content. Dear White People is a 2014 film which has now been adapted for television,  a format that would have been a good fit from the beginning. Justin Simien writer and director of the film has brought the same cast of characters to the small screen to tell a longer and more in depth tale.

Netflix creates an interesting platform for a series of this nature. A 10 episode binge where social and racial issues are the forefront are sure to begin a conversation and it most definitely should. Dear White People the film created much buzz with just the title as did the show. People were calling the title racist, provocative and challenging of what is to be accepted.  It is a show based on a movie that did push people to think which at times it seems people are afraid of doing. Being offended by a title of a series seems like the perfect distraction so we are not asking for social change but simply having to redirect the insensitive to the nearest wambulance.

It is at times funny and charming and at times it is deeply emotion when connecting the mostly black characters into racially charged situations where they dont have the same privilege as the white student body. It is mainly through the voces of Samantha White and Lionel Higgins that the show progresses. The reason is why is because within the plot these two have media outlets to tell their stories to the student body and therefore it seems to be the filler episodes leading to an episode following Sam or Lionel that hits the hardest and deals with the most controversial subject matter.

We have all heard of Tamir Rice, Trayvon Martin and many others who have been victimized by police brutality. Its a damn shame we still live in a society where the color of a persons skin can determine how quickly the police are willing to pull their guns. Its a shame that in 2017 we still need to share a hashtag #BlackLivesMatter as if to wonder how many other races wouldn’t feel like the do unless there is a hashtag to spread around their social media and another reason to take selfies they would not see the importance of it. All lives everywhere matter the same amount. Period. Anyone who follows that with words like “Well, depending on….” or “After years of study one can see…. (insert random crime stat here)” Needs to have a reality check. Anyone who has been neglected for hundreds of years is going to lash out. Anyone who tells me that I dont have to be as afraid because I am a white male is probably correct in saying that. Reasonable people know that the importance of life is not determined by race, religion, sexuality and gender. Yet here we are in the midst of more tensions than ever in the good old US of A where racism is more prominent than ever as the leader of the country has shown blatant disrespect to minorities and women everywhere.

Dear White People like every series has some episodes that are most definitely better than others. Gabe and Reggie for example are two characters that are meant to fill the love interest roles from either race with Reggie serving as the weakest character leading up to the season finale and game changing final moments. This show definitely needs another season to continue the stories and tribulations of the black student body at Winchester University. Oh and who does not want to hear more of Giancarlo Esposito’s amazing voice as the narrator. I sure do. This provocative series has the intelligence, content and characters worth exploring for at least a few more seasons. Netflix you did the right thing with 13 Reasons Why and now please follow suit with Dear White People.

Netflix continues it’s dominance as the leader in edgy television. The format simply just works, whether that be the original content they create, the content they continue from other networks or the content they work closely with Marvel on.  The only poorly scripted original series from Netflix is The Ranch and even still from a fan perspective I understand the need to branch out. I prefer the content such as Thirteen Reasons Why and Dear White People when it comes to drama and realism. Of course the Marvel shows have drawn mostly critical acclaim same with the new seasons of Longmire and Arrested Development that were marketed directly for the streaming service. It works because you don’t have to feel obligated to watch and I generally feel that people are less willing to spoil a show when all the episodes are available in one shot. When it airs on a particular night and the audience needs to tune for that time slot it certainly feels like the rush of being the first to know means you are more likely to want to tell your friends who haven’t seen it and they are more likely to ask because they do not know when they themselves are going to be able to watch the episode. I’m on board for the future and Netflix has a lot upcoming that will hopefully continue to push the boundaries of what is acceptable and can hopefully generate enough conversation that we may actually begin to see somethings change. It’s never a bad thing to have a discussion, it’s how the discussion ends that we really need to be focused on.


Big Screen Batgirl!

 Reports began to surface that Joss Whedon was heading over to the DCEU to bring one of the most fan appreciated characters to life. Barbara Gordon is a recognizable name to anyone who has been surrounded by Batman lore. She has and will always be a pivotal character within the universe. Whedon has the creative drive to give the film a little bit of sugar and spice to create a truly dynamic film.

 One of the biggest questions is who will be the actress tasked with bringing “The Oracle” to life. Here are five choicea of dream castings that I would love to see.

5. Bryce Dallas Howard- Proven to be a talented actress and backed by the name, Dallas Howard crushed it in Jurassic World and this could be a huge opportunity for her to focus that talent and become a part of something much bigger and bring to life one of the most important characters in 30 years to Batman and fans.

4. Jessica Chastain- She continues to choose controversial scripts and really has yet to show there is nothing she cannot handle.  Given Whedons track record as a consumate professional and Chastains ability thus far to stay low key and always deliver this could very well be the low key yet highly praised casting the producers are looking for.

3. Alexandra Breckenridge- She has recently shown up on This is Us and Walking Dead and has shown why she has a bright future. This would be a huge opportunity for a young actress to hold down her own franchise for the next 7-10 years and she could easily be the face of that franchise for many years. Many people may challenge my choice to include her but sometimes straying away from the obvious choices makes the casting game way more intriguing. 

2. Dakota Fanning-  Young and extremely talented. Shameful in a sense that the last big movie we saw her in was Breaking Dawn. It would be a nice return for her to be a in a film that fans are looking forward too. Of course no film comes without some skepticism and casting rumours. I just believe Fanning is a young actress capable of leading a franchise given the right leader to flourish under.

1. Emma Watson- There has been a lot of talk about another Emma possibily being the number one suitor for the role but Emma Watson is in need of new franchise. Having watched her grow up while taking on one of the most adored series of all time Emma Watson proved she is willing to commit to something and see it through. Since Harry Potter ended she has done phenomenal things as a person and continued to act in very engaging and fun roles for a young actress. It would be amazing to see a person of Emma’s calibre work with a creative mind like Joss Whedon to create a strong and independent female prescense on the big screen. 

Whoever does inevitably get cast has some amazing source material to base their performance off and this definitely looks like the beginning of big things for the DCEU. With Wonder Woman and Justice League coming out later this year taking the time to get this right with Batgirl is a big must for the Executives over at DC. Whoever inevitably gets the part has a lot of preparation and source material to sift through and analyze. I am ready DCEU. This is your chance to wow me. So please do.